Enrolment Information & Class Placement


While we would love to enrol every child who wants to come to MPS, we do have an Enrolment Scheme (zoning) for our school. This means that all students living inside our ‘Home zone’ (the Mt Pleasant / Ferrymead / McCormacks Bay / Port Hills school area) can attend Mt Pleasant School.  Unfortunately, it therefore means that students living outside of our zone can only attend if there is space available.

This system is run by a ‘ballot’ system with different priority levels for ‘out of zone’ students and strict Ministry of Education guidelines governing this process. Please indicate whether you are ‘in’ or ‘out’ of zone on the enrolment form.

In Zone

If you are ‘in zone’ you will need to complete a questionnaire and sign the confirmation of address form.  Although this may seem cumbersome, it is necessary for us to ensure our enrolment process is fair, clear and transparent and meets Ministry of Education guidelines.

Out of Zone

If you are ‘out of zone’ and we have space available in the term your child is due to start, you will be contacted to outline the process involved.  Depending on numbers of ‘out of zone’ students, you will either have direct entry or be placed in a ballot.

If you are new to the area and want to enquire about enrolling your child at Mt Pleasant, call Carolyn in the school office and make an appointment with Jane Scotland. She will meet with you to discuss the enrolment and to give you all the relevant documentation you may need.

When you come to enrol your child, you will need to bring with you the following information:

  • your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • proof of address (a rates bill or similar)
  • any immunisation records

Follow this link for more information on our enrolment zone.

Class Placement

The placement of a child in a particular classroom is the decision of the school. As a child-centred school, all children’s needs will be met, whether they are in a single year level or combination classroom.

The following criteria are used to determine who is placed in each classroom:

  • Heterogeneous Grouping: We try to assure classrooms have a mix of ability levels and ethnicity of students.  In addition, we try to get a nearly equal ratio of boys and girls.
  • Social Factors: On occasion, there are times when it is best for two children to be separated for social reasons.
  • Special Considerations: Certain children may have special learning or social needs which can best be met by a specific teaching style.
  • English as a Second Language: students funded for ESOL will be placed in a class where their needs will best be met. Where possible, ESOL students will not exceed 15% of the class total student numbers.

Jane Scotland (Deputy Principal with responsibility of the junior students) arranges new enrolments.

New Entrant teachers arrange visits for New Entrant pupils.

The school will accept suggestions from parents regarding the placement of their child. Such requests should focus on the specific learning needs of the child, not a preference of one teacher over another. The school will pay close attention to these requests but may not always grant the request. In general, we view enrolment of students in specific classrooms as a global concern for the school. Classroom placement, therefore, is necessarily the school’s decision.

Mt Pleasant School – 2016 Information Brochure