Staff Directory

Welcome to the team, the people that make a difference here at school

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any items, challenges or concerns. We are open to feedback, discussion and do our best to clearly communicate. Emails can be a good way to start a discussion, but often the best place is to meet at a time suitable to you both.


2016 Staff Photo

Ground Control

Chris Nord Principal
Jane Scotland  Deputy Principal
Meagan Kelly Deputy Principal
Carolyn Wright Office Manager
Cathy Gabites Executive Officer
Rachael Sara Office Assistant


Team Take Off

Director of Learning – Anita Hayes

Jane Scotland Basecamp Yr 0-1
Kirsty Hair Basecamp Yr 0-1
Sarah Rowe Basecamp Yr 0-1
Leanne Lancaster Basecamp Yr 0-1
Anita Hayes Room 1 Yr 0-1
Ange Tutt Room 1 Yr 2
Olwen Dieudonne Room 1 Yr 2
Andrea Thelning Room 3 Yr 1
Nina Ferguson Room 3 Yr 1

Team Magma

Director of Learning – Lyndsey Jones

Jude Campion Room 4 Yr 3
Lisa Chubb Room 4 Yr 3
Lyndsey Jones Room 5 Yr 3/4
Maria Arneil Room 6 Yr 4


Team Rock Solid

Director of Learning – Suzie Vesper

Sarah Stanley Room 7 Yr 5 & 6
Jeremy Griffiths Room 8 Yr 5 & 6
Suzie Vesper Room 9 Yr 5 & 6
Jolanda Forde Room 10 Yr 5 & 6


Team @ The Top

Director of Learning – Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson Room 11 Yr 8
Kellen Gillstrom Room 12 Yr 7
Meagan Kelly Room 13 Yr 7


Support Staff

Liz Conly Room 13A SPELD
Clare Byers Reading Recovery
Julie Gray Teacher Aide    
Justine Marshall Teacher Aide    
Elia Ribeiro Teacher Aide    
Tracey Hull Librarian
Joan Read Support    
Euan Heffer Caretaker


Support Staff can be contacted via the office