Communities of Learners

For the past decade, Mt Pleasant School has worked closely with Heathcote Valley, Redcliffs, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Sumner Schools as the Bays Cluster. Over this time we have built very strong relationships with our local schools and have continued to provide opportunities and initiatives for our children that would not have been possible in isolation. A large part of these initiatives have involved applying to the Ministry of Education for funding and staffing for a variety of projects such as the Bays Cluster Character Education Pilot.
In 2015, the Ministry introduced a new framework to allow schools to collaborate together known as Communities of Learners (CoLs). This approach brings together schools from across the primary and secondary sectors. This is something educationalists have been encouraging for many years to help ensure a seamless transition between the sectors.
The CoL framework also provides a significant amount of resourcing based on the combined rolls of the schools involved. This creates exciting new opportunities to address the learning challenges that exist within and across the schools.
Over the past 12 months, the Boards, Principals and staff from all schools in the Bays Cluster have been engaged in discussions around the merits of formalising a Community of Learners. During these discussions it has become increasingly apparent that there are significant benefits for our schools to extend our existing cluster to include Linwood College.
Linwood College is undergoing a very exciting transformation as a result of new governance and leadership. Their community is in the process of designing a transformational new school and vision for teaching and learning. Our Boards feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to build a lasting relationship with Linwood College and create a strong local pathway into secondary school for our students.
To that end, the Bays Cluster Schools and Linwood College have submitted an expression of interest to the Ministry of Education to formally establish a Community of Learners. We expect this to be announced by the Minister by the end of this term.   
This is an exciting opportunity for all of our students and we very much look forward to working with Linwood College in the future.