Charter/Annual Plan

Our plans for leading edge education for your children…

Every school is required to submit a Charter document annually to the Ministry of Education, outlining it’s long term plan, goals and objectives, and including more specific annual targets and objectives. 

Our Charter

Mt Pleasant School has a very clear plan, that defines targets and sets out clearly how as a school, staff, and community we will ensure the best possible opportunities for your child’s education and growth. While the key targets are around ensuring the quality of education, there are sections that address areas of property, finance, personnel, and health and safety.

Post 2011

Since the major earthquakes, the impact on planning long term has been significant. With restrictions on all property spending by the Ministry of Education, and our hall and pool off limits, it has meant that progress in enhancing our resources remains slow. The Board have worked with the MOE, and are as part of the Bays Cluster now looking forward to progressing options for eduction in our Cluster of schools. This exciting development, will hopefully start to see funding and resourcing of projects that will allow us to further enhance what we do…

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3443 Charter 2013-2015

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