Policy Review

At Mt Pleasant School, we keep all our policies and procedures online on SchoolDocs.

This ensures easy access to our policies and procedures for parents and also allows for their easy review. The policies are reviewed on a three-yearly cycle. However, feedback on policies can be sent at any time. 

Our SchoolDocs policies and procedures are organised under the National Administration Guidelines:

  • NAG 1: Curriculum
  • NAG 2: Documentation and Self-Review
  • NAG 3: Employer Responsibility
  • NAG 4: Finance and Property Management
  • NAG 5: Health, Safety, and Welfare
  • NAG 6: Legislation and Administration

For each guideline there is an overarching policy that covers all topics in that section. Each section is made up of the policy, and the procedures that underpin it.

How to access the policy website…

  1. Visit the website http://mtpleasant.schooldocs.co.nz/1893.htm
  2. Enter the username (mtpleasant) and password (magic).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type “Parent”.
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.

If you don’t have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.

Click the Policy Review button in any policy that is currently under review, to contribute comments and ratings about the policy. 

Click the Feedback button in any topic to send an email to the principal and/or the office (the principal can decide whether it is necessary to forward that email to SchoolDocs) 

Policies for Review in 2017

Term 1  

  • Recognition of Cultural Diversity

Term 3

  • Students with Special Needs

* There are no policies for parent review in Terms 2 & 4 in 2017