School Drop-offs

We ask that ALL children (& parents/caregivers) arriving at school before 8:30am, to please wait directly outside the office until the bell goes at 8:30am.  This signals that teachers are now in their classrooms.  8:15am is the earliest that a child can be onsite.



We have always had challenges around parking at Mt Pleasant School, post-earthquakes we have been lucky enough to have permission from the owners of the section above the school (where the shops were) to park there. This is a generous offer and we really appreciate how it has eased some of the congestion during peak times. However, please be aware that if you park there it is at your own risk and is not the responsibility of the owners. Please also be aware we do not have permission for our parents to park on any other neighbouring sections and therefore ask that parents respect this by not parking there.

Please remember the 2 minute drop off zone is just that – a drop off zone. 

  • Do not park your car & leave it unattended in this zone.
  • Please stop your vehicle as far forward as possible to allow others to drop children off behind you.
  • Please do not park on yellow lines, or drop your children off on yellow lines, this blocks the vision of the people on patrol and places staff, students and parents at risk.
  • Please do not perform u-turns from the parking bays opposite school.