Mt Pleasant OSCAR


CYFS approved and Winz subsidy available

After School: 3-6 pm daily

(We are not open when school is closed)

Our aim here is to be relaxed and as much like home as possible with only two rules to remember:

  • Everyone must be safe
  • Everyone has the right to be happy

We provide a fruit platter and biscuits to nibble on every day.  We are well resourced with gear for being active, loads of toys, games and craft equipment provided everyday.  Computers are available but homework has first priority.
Our friendly staff are focused on ensuring children are happy and safe at our programme.

Holiday Programme: 40 hours per week

Monday and Friday 8.30 – 3.00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.30 – 5.30pm

Our holiday programme is all about getting out there and giving lots of things a go.  We aim not to be onsite too much and often it’s the kids who put forward ideas for the upcoming programmes.
We charter buses for transport and at times provide senior options.  Safety is at the forefront of our minds as we set out and about and try new things.  Back onsite we have a wonderful playground with a sandpit, areas for skating and scooting, junior play fort, senior play ground, climbing cone, astro turf for hockey and a netball court.  We also offer games, play equipment, cool crafts, competitions and a big movie screen.  Our expectation is that no one is left out, we care about others and have FUN!

Check out our awesome OSCAR programme here… OSCAR programme website here