Fees & Donations


School Fees

Invoices are issued at the beginning of each term for that term’s activities such as camps, swimming lessons, and trips etc. Payment may be made by direct credit, eftpos, cheque or cash, and receipts are issued for all payments. Payments can also be made by regular instalment throughout the year. Please contact the school office to arrange this.


School Donation

There is a school donation for each child/family who attend Mt Pleasant school. The amount of the donation is set annually by the Board of Trustees and is payable at a discounted rate at the beginning of the year or on an instalment basis.  

School’s funding comes from a combination of an Operational Grant (government funding), a Staffing Entitlement, parent donations and fundraising. The operational grant only covers the basic administration, teaching and property-running costs of the school. It doesn’t cover any additional staffing, resources or equipment that parents expect to be available for their children and which enable effective teaching and learning. In addition, as a Decile 10 school, the government considers our students to be from the highest socio-economic area, and so we receive a smaller operational grant per student than lower decile schools.

 We plan to have a ‘zero budget’ outcome. Meaning, we spend what we get. However, we normally start with a projected deficit that we work hard to reduce over the year. We do plan on parent donations as part of our budget setting process. This does not mean we expect our parents to make up this shortfall, but we do rely on the money we get from the donations to support additional staffing and resources to support the learning programmes.

 The Board of Trustees believes that parents accept the need to make a contribution towards the additional costs and the majority of parents make the donation. It is also worthwhile remembering that the donation is tax deductible (see below for more information). Our research shows we are at the low end of what most other Decile 10 schools ask for from our parents. The range being from $150 per child through to $450 per child (most are in the ‘$250 per student & up’ category).

 Want to know more about a tax refund on your donation? Check out this article for more information.