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  • Causeway Opening
Weetbix Tryathlon

Mt Pleasant School had a great turnout at the recent Weetbix Tryathlon at Jellie Park, where everyone got gold!

  • Athletics 2013
Friday 21 Feb, 3 years on!

Some great pics here from Jo Wynn Williams, and more to come I am sure please send us your pics

  • Art Exhibition 2013
Athletics 2013

Dynamic images loading of the latest athletics sports held at Ferrymead Park, October 30, 2013

  • Artists at work in Room 9
Skate Park Build

Initial images of the great team building the ramps and jumps for the school playground... On Sunday 20 October a group and handy parents, charged their battery drills, armed themselves with No More Nails guns and created some ramps and jumps... Some Winnie Bagoes pizzas and a beer went down well at 3/4 time!

  • Freaky Friday
Art Exhibition 2013

Inspiring and awesome artwork was on display over the last few days, accompanied by rock bands, music, and it all went down well with food, the odd drink and a few drops of rain. Thanks to all who made it happen!

  • Art Exhibition Samples 2013
Freaky Friday

Mufti Day falls on Friday 13th and so Freaky Friday becomes freakier and freakier! The Mt Pleasant MAGIC comes out in all sorts of ways

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The Night The Hill Rocked

Three rock bands, all inspired by Rob Tate, and a crowd less than a metre away all with iphones, cameras and bursting with anticipation...

  • Clubs 2013
Clubs 2013

Once again Clubs Day was a successful time allowing parents and staff to share skills and creative talents with our children... Check out the initial photos here

  • Bays Cluster Football 2013
Team Building Team Rock Solid 2013

Miss Kelly arranged some Shirley Boys students to come and take some massive team building games

  • Team Building Team Rock Solid 2013
Bays Cluster Football 2013

Check out Bays Cluster Football 2013 images here

  • Movie Night
Movie Night

The red carpet came out and the stars came to Mt Pleasant to show their latest short films... Well done Team at the Top and Team Rock Solid and thanks Hammond Peek for inspiring us

  • Robocup 2013
Robocup 2013

Some fun images of our students at the recent Robocup comp