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Monday, March 31st, 2014, 12:48 PM





In 2014, we developed a School Travel Plan (STP) in conjunction with the Christchurch City Council and several of our school community members. The STP is a practical approach to improving road safety initiatives and how we encourage the whole school community to use active modes of transport to get to and from school.

As part of this, we addressed some specific issues for MPS around parking outside the school and the speed around MPS and wider community. Some of you will remember the 40KPH on the Hill and 30KPH Around the School campaign we ran at the time. The plan also promoted walking and scooting benefiting the health and wellbeing of students.

Now we are two years on from the plan being written, we need to review it. We conducted a survey in 2014 where we asked our community to give us feedback around a range of traffic related questions. This feedback was used to develop the STP.  We would like to survey you again to see if the initiatives have worked… and what we could do to address remaining challenges that exist.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out this survey: Safe Travel Plan Survey

If you would like to be part of the team who will review the plan, please contact:

Once this survey has closed we will review our current plan and share it with our community.






Over the past year, there has been significant progress in establishing initiatives that make it safer for our students to travel to, and from school. These include:

A successful 40 on the HILL & 30 around the school campaign (covered by Campbell Live)

Development of the School Travel Plan to include the following CCC projects

  • Installation of the 40 KPH signs on all surrounding rounds
  • Installation of the angled parking bays directly opposite the school on Major Hornbrook Road
  • Installation of a Kea Crossing linking the new parking bays with the Major Hornbrook entrance

(The Community Board recommended the installation of a Kea Crossing. This should go before the council in the next month).

Read a copy of our: School Travel Plan 2014/2015

Some interesting reading:

Can Walking to School Benefit Me?







The results of our school travel survey conducted by CCC last year are available on the school website at ( It makes for interesting reading. Thanks again for your support of this survey, we hear that most of you want your children being able to walk, scoot or bike to school whenever possible, and it gives us a good picture of potential areas for improvement. Based on this info, we are now in the process of drafting up our school travel plan, so that we can begin improving road safety despite our current challenges of increased traffic, damaged footpaths and upcoming road closures.

We’ve also had a very positive meeting with the Downer/SCiRT team to discuss ways to mitigate the impact of all the upcoming road closures as much-needed infrastructure repairs are carried out. They’re considering a number of measures including staggering road closures and increased signage in the area of the school, and will get back to us by early next week.

Community Survey

Click on the link below to read the results from our community survey.

School Travel Plan 2014/2015

Our parents and BoT have linked to develop a School Travel Plan. This will be developed to improve the safety and access to Mt Pleasant School. This group is being led by Mel Slemint.