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  • 14 April 11:03am
    Keeping School Healthy…



    Link to the Department of Health: http://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/conditions-and-treatments/diseases-and-illnesses/measles

    Measles Video

    The illness usually starts 10–14 days after you’ve been exposed. If you have measles, you’ll get the following symptoms.

    First symptoms

    • A fever
    • A cough
    • A runny nose
    • Sore and watery ‘pink’ eyes
    • Sometimes small white spots on the back inner cheek of your mouth.

    Day 3–7 of illness

    • A blotchy rash which tends to start on your face, behind the ears, before moving over your head and down your body. The rash lasts for up to a week.

    If you detect any of these symptoms, see your family doctor or call Healthline on 0800 611 116, for advice as soon as possible.

    It’s important to call before visiting your doctor because measles is easily passed on from one person to another. Phoning ahead helps ensure steps are taken to avoid you spreading measles in the waiting room.

    You should also stay away from work, school or public places, to help prevent putting other people at risk. This also applies if you or a family member aren’t fully immunised and may have been in contact with someone with measles.

  • 2 April 10:12am
    Team Take Off Sports

    What a FAB DAY…

    We are running ahead of time in the Junior Athletics.

    If you want to come down, be aware we will be finishing earlier than expected (and scheduled).

    TTO Staff


  • 23 March 11:42am
    Team Take Off trip to the beach postponed.

    The trip today (Monday) is postponed.

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